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Welcome to our guide to Tuscany. My name is Dan Wrightson and I run “Invitation to Tuscany“. We’ve been finding beautiful villas to rent in Tuscany for decades. I grew up in Tuscany, so I know the area well. I also worked here as an architect and have explored the region on foot and by bicycle.

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This website is where we share some of our knowledge of the area. We’ll list local festivals and good restaurants, as well as where to hire a vintage scooter or a go on a breathtaking walk.

To see our listed villas to rent, go to our main website, . While if you’d like to ask us for advice or help, please get in touch: contact us.

You’ll see some of my sketches dotted around – I like to take time to sit down and record the places I see like the Grand Tour travellers of the past. You can see more of them here:

Dan Painting in Chiostro di Torri, Siena, Italy
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  • January 30, 2019
    Donna Meehan
    After spending many hours searching many many online sites for villas our group were beginning to think we would never find one within our budget that came anywhere near ticking all the boxes. We were then referred to Invitation to Tuscany and wow what a gem!!! Within 20 minutes we had sent of a request for our dream villa. Availability was confirmed and booking has been a very easy process with lots of personal touches. Marian, our Australian contact has visited the villa so after speaking with her we are really comfortable with the selection. Also being a cycling group, Dan who rides in the area has made many suggestions for us and even has ride recommendations and maps. We simply can't wait for the trip.
    Invitation to Tuscany Ltd
    Hi Donna, thanks for this, so pleased you're happy with us. I'll get some great rides organised.. : )
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This website was re-started on the 15th of December 2018 – I’ll be adding to it everyday, please excuse the gaps!

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