How we choose our properties

We pride ourselves on knowing the properties we represent. We think of ourselves as villa match-makers, finding the perfect villa for what will make your holiday perfect. To do this well, we have to visit each and everyone of the villas, as well as explore the area and local towns. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Owners (often friends of existing owners) send us photos and information about the house they’d like us to add to our portfolio.
  2. We have a team meeting to discuss whether to progress their application to the next level. If not, then we explain why their property isn’t yet suitable for us.
  3. We send a member of our local team to visit the property to assess everything from the smoke detectors to the swimming pool and parking, plus the quality and charm of the building and décor.
  4. We meet the owners or local managers to ensure they will provide the right level of service for our guests. We pride ourselves on a personal service, so if this doesn’t feel right, then we politely decline.
  5. If all goes well, then as soon as possible, one of our management team – usually me! – will make an additional inspection and meet with the local owners or managers.
  6. The optional stage – when I have time I love to sketch our houses. There’s something special about sitting down and observing the house carefully for a few hours. I find  it gives me a real feel for the smells, sounds and feel of a place, what architects sometimes call “genius loci”.
Casa Allioni - villa for 6 near Arezzo

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