Watercolour of swimming pool at Cuculo
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Painting Villas in Tuscany

We often receive postcards or notes from our customers to thank us for finding their holiday villa. This summer we had a particularly delightful card from some clients who had stayed at Cuculo, a large villa for 8 south of Siena. Liam Thompson, a painter and tutor had been staying there with his family and painted this beautiful watercolour of the swimming pool at the villa. They made a card of it and sent us one in the post.

Watercolour of swimming pool at Cuculo

It’s a wonderful card and a wonderful painting. It’s also a pleasure for me as I really like Cuculo but it doesn’t come across in the photos. I’ve been meaning to go and sketch it myself for a while – Liam has beaten me to it and done a far better job. You can feel the heat in the stones, and the atmosphere of relaxed summer days stretching out. 

To see more of his work have a look here: Liam Thompson Art

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Lastly, to see some of our brochure covers through the years, with my sketches, have a look here: Invitation to Tuscany Brochures through the years.

Thank you Liam for your wonderful card.

Cuculo | Villa for 8 | Monte San Savino | Invitation to Tuscany
Cuculo Villa and Pool for 8 near Monte San Savino

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