I grew up in Tuscany, first on a self-sufficient farm and later in Florence. As a teenager, I studied art and philosophy in Florence, then went on to read architecture in the UK at Sheffield and Cambridge University. You’ll see my love of art and architecture reflected in the homes we choose – from elegant Florentine apartments with Baroque facades to frescoed Chianti villas. For me, it’s the details that set a place a part, not matter how grand or modest its size. Over the years, I’ve done drawings of many of our homes, too, which you’ll see throughout the website and in our brochures.

  • Art

    Painting Villas in Tuscany

    Watercolour of swimming pool at Cuculo

    We often receive postcards or notes from our customers to thank us for finding their holiday villa. This summer we had a particularly delightful card from some clients who had stayed at Cuculo, a large villa for 8 south of Siena. Liam Thompson, a painter and tutor had been staying there with his family and painted this beautiful watercolour of the swimming pool at the villa. They made a card of it and sent us one in the post. It’s a wonderful card and a wonderful painting. It’s also a pleasure for me as I really like Cuculo but it doesn’t come across in the photos. I’ve been meaning to…

  • Food and Wine

    Vegan Restaurants in Tuscany

    Vegan Beetroot in Volterra

    The farmers and winemakers of Tuscany have long been at the forefront of organic farming. More recently there has been a rise in Vegetarian and Vegan places to eat.  These places often feature produce sourced from local organic farms, making them very green. They can also now offer some of the new Vegan wines that Tuscan producers have been making. So here is our growing list of the Vegan restaurants. Some are 100% vegan, others are mixed, with Vegan options,  making them good for groups where not everybody is purely Vegan.