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    Food restrictions in Tuscan restaurants

    Eating out in Tuscany is one of the pleasures of visiting this part of Italy.  Happily, with a vast array of fresh ingredients at hand and an inate sense of quality dining, most restaurants do not find it difficult to provide for customers with dietary restrictions.  In fact, the Italian spirit of hospitality spurs them to making sure you find something digestible and delicious. Food allergies and intolerances are not at all to be taken lightly, but as some Italians themselves are also lactose-intolerant or celiac, strides have already been made in Italy to provide alternatives for those needing to avoid certain ingredients.  Gelato can be with rice or soy…

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    What to buy in Tuscany and Umbria

    Want to bring a little taste of Italy back with you? Pick up these tasty treats. These Ricciarelli were hand-made by Rossella on GialloZafferano.it – I’ll translate her recipe soon, it looks excellent Ricciarelli (almond biscuits) What to look for: freshly made from a specialist shop, gooey and thickly dusted with powder; they mustn’t contain flour as it can make them quite hard. The ingredients are almonds, sugar and egg-whites. If they look dry or have been sitting in the open for a while, look elsewhere. Where to buy: the beautiful Tuscan city of Siena is where they originated, and the best ones are picked up freshly made from pasticcerias…

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    Vegan Restaurants in Tuscany

    Ciriera Vegan Restaurant

    The farmers and winemakers of Tuscany have long been at the forefront of organic farming. More recently there has been a rise in Vegetarian and Vegan places to eat.  These places often feature produce sourced from local organic farms, making them very green. They can also now offer some of the new Vegan wines that Tuscan producers have been making. So here is our growing list of the Vegan restaurants. Some are 100% vegan, others are mixed, with Vegan options,  making them good for groups where not everybody is purely Vegan.

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    20 Italian Food ideas and Experiences you can’t miss in Tuscany

    There are hundreds of good reasons to visit Tuscany—but fabulous food has to be near the top of the list; after all, what’s more fabulous than sipping Brunello with a crusty loaf of bread and some olio nuovo as the sun sets over the terrace of your 19th century villa? Or enjoying fresh capellini with a rich, fragrant pomodoro sauce prepared by your own Tuscan cook? That’s the beauty of Tuscany—there are food experiences to tempt your eyes and your palate everywhere you look. If you’re looking for reasons to visit this magical region of Italy this year, here are 20 one-of-a-kind experiences you should add to your list. 1.…

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