Where to Eat in Tuscany

Our favourite places to eat in Tuscany - from full blown Michelin class restaurants to simple road-side fare. Most restaurants in Tuscany are owned by the cook, or by a family, making them very warm and personal places.

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    Food restrictions in Tuscan restaurants

    Eating out in Tuscany is one of the pleasures of visiting this part of Italy.  Happily, with a vast array of fresh ingredients at hand and an inate sense of quality dining, most restaurants do not find it difficult to provide for customers with dietary restrictions.  In fact, the Italian spirit of hospitality spurs them to making sure you find something digestible and delicious. Food allergies and intolerances are not at all to be taken lightly, but as some Italians themselves are also lactose-intolerant or celiac, strides have already been made in Italy to provide alternatives for those needing to avoid certain ingredients.  Gelato can be with rice or soy…

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