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    Arezzo Antiques Fair

    Antique Camera at Arezzo Antiques Market:, Tuscany

    There are few better ways to spend a lazy Sunday than idly strolling around a market, and Arezzo’s famous Fiera Antiquaria (Antiques Fair), established over 50 years ago, certainly doesn’t disappoint. Held on the first Sunday of every month, its main hub is situated in the impressive Piazza Grande but with over 400 stalls it sprawls outwards – running under the stunning Loggiato Vasariano and then down and around the surrounding streets. Like all good antiques markets, it’s the kind of place you’ll find anything and everything; from improbably-sized rusty keys which lead you to imagine the palazzos they once unlocked, to retro cameras, artworks, silverware, books, and furniture from…

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