Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions

Invitation to Tuscany Ltd. Booking Conditions.

The following conditions, together with our privacy policy, constitute a binding contract between you and us (“conditions”). You must read all of this information carefully before proceeding, because by using our website and/or making any booking through us, you confirm your agreement to each of these conditions, our privacy policy and any Additional Terms listed on the Property Page.

Addenda: Temporary changes to our Booking Conditions for 2021:
  1. Flexible and responsive
  2. Based on our experience in 2020, any continuing disruption to travel in 2021 will be difficult to predict and plan for. Our advice is to book and plan as normal - as in 2020, we will be proactive in contacting you early on if the situation is uncertain. We will continue to be flexible with payment terms and am always available to discuss your plans via phone or email
  3. Delayed payments
  4. I am happy to delay taking your balance payments until 21 days before travel if necessary while we discuss the situation with you. If you decide not to travel we can transfer your deposit to different dates, or have a credit note for a future booking.
  5. Freedom to change
  6. As in 2020, we’ll help you move your holiday dates as and when the situation changes. This can include moving your booking to later years as well as to dates within the same year.

1.1 The descriptions in our brochure and on our website of the properties to let are made very carefully and in good faith. We visit properties to ensure the accuracy of descriptions of properties. We also rely upon information given to us by the owners. However, we shall not be liable for any modifications introduced by the property owners without our knowledge. Should we be notified of any significant modifications, these will be communicated to you as soon as possible. Please see also condition no. 18. 1.2 Properties are let fully furnished and equipped, including crockery, cutlery, bed and bath linen sufficient for the number of people indicated on the website, but sometimes excluding pool or beach towels. Fresh linens and towels are provided weekly. Fuel for lighting, cooking, refrigeration and hot water is included in the rental price, but not, except in some houses identified in the price list, fuel for air conditioning, heating or Jacuzzis, the cost of which must be paid directly to the owner or his representative during the holiday.

2.1 The number of persons who can be accommodated in each property is clearly indicated in each description and further clarified in the text. This number may not be exceeded under any circumstances except by prior consent of the owner, either directly or through our representatives. Often local bylaws or water supplies etc. preclude the possibility of any increase in accommodation. Tents are NOT allowed without the owner’s permission.

The minimum period is detailed for each property; generally, properties are let for at least a week starting on a Saturday, unless otherwise specified. Some properties will now permit shorter stays and with differing days – details are provided on each property’s website page. Guests are asked to arrive between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., and to leave before 10 a.m. in order to allow the property to be prepared for the next guests. The owner has the right to refuse arrivals outside the above times if he or she finds the alternatives inconvenient. Some owners may charge for late arrivals. If you find your journey taking longer than you expected, please contact the owner or ITT’s representatives and they will contact the owner. This is a very personal business and we do worry about the possibility of accidents!

Bookings can be made through our head office, agents or directly through the website. Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit, which also implies acceptance of these booking conditions, including the agreement to use the credit/debit card as a cautionary deposit during your stay. Until that time no contract or agreement will be considered to exist between you and the property owner.

Upon confirmation of availability, we will require 30% of the property rental. If the holiday is less than 10 weeks away the full amount will be required. You may pay in EUR, GBP or USD, by cheque, credit card or bank transfer. Cheques must be made payable to Invitation To Tuscany Ltd. We will send you a receipt and invoice by email. These constitute confirmation of the booking, which is confirmation of the contract between you and the property owner.

The Party Leader is the person or agency that holds the booking, to whom all correspondence and invoices are addressed and who is responsible for the rental.

A credit/debit card (the Security Card) in the name of the Party Leader must be given as security for the rental and related charges. Some properties (usually the larger ones and listed individually) will also require a cash deposit upon arrival that will be returned at the end of your stay after the final inspection. The security card details will be held and debits will only be applied under the following circumstances (administration charges may apply):- a. To settle an outstanding balance, invalid or unpaid cheques, or payments not received according to the Payment Schedule; b. To settle amendment or cancellation fees; to settle cancellation fees for extra services c. To settle the Extras Bill if payment cannot be made in local currency or Travellers’ Cheques d. To settle any invoiced amounts that you specifically indicate should be debited against the card. e. Should you wish to alter the name of the Property Leader or substitute a different credit/debit card for the one provided in the Booking you must inform us before the final balance payment. f. The security card must have a validity that extends a minimum of 15 days beyond the end of the rental period. If the Security card provided expires before that time, a Credit/Debit Card Form with the details of the replacement card and signed prior to the expiry date must be provided, failing which the Accommodation documents will not be released. All the above costs can generally be settled on site with the owner or his representative; it is always easiest to settle any breakages or charges while at the property. Please call a local rep if you'd like help translating and/or explaining. You will receive an “Extras Bill” document with your booking pack – you can fill this in together with the owner or his representative to document payment for heating, or for any damages.

Payments are accepted in English Pounds Sterling (GBP), in Euro (EUR) and in US Dollars (USD). Once the deposit has been paid in a currency, the booking must be completed in the same currency. Prices in GBP are based on the rate of exchange with EUR at the time of going to press. We accept Visa, Access, Visa Delta, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. We do not accept Diners Cards. Payments may be made with a different credit card/debit card from the one provided as security. There is no charge for payments made with Credit or Debit cards. Payments made directly to our bankers MUST bear your Booking Reference number and be transferred stating ‘without charge to the recipient’. GBP Account: Nº 40539023 sort code 20 74 09 EUR Account: Nº 52492966 sort code 20 74 09 USD Account: Nº 48667477 sort code 20 74 09 Our bankers are Barclays Bank plc, West Herts Business Team PO Box 87 St Albans AL1 3HJ

Many of the owners will confirm early bookings at this year’s prices – and we do our utmost to convince them to do this. If the owner wishes to retain the right to change the prices, we will inform you and the booking will be PROVISIONAL until the owner has confirmed his/her prices, or before the 15th of December. If the price varies by over 10% you may cancel and your deposit will be returned to you.

Directions to the property together with any relevant vouchers and documents will be sent no later than three weeks before the start of the holiday, by post or email, provided the invoice has been settled in full. The accommodation package also contains the Extras Bill that is to be completed and left with the property owner/caretaker at the conclusion of the rental period.

On arrival guests should inspect the property with the owner/caretaker and ensure that they understand the use of any appliances, equipment and utilities. Please read House Notes carefully before using appliances, as frequently Italian appliances are different from those you may be used to at home. Washing machines and dishwashers have a timed safety catch on doors, for instance, which, if forced, may break the door. The owner/caretaker will usually arrive at the property at 9 am on the day of departure in order to inspect the property and present you with the Extras Bill if there are any damage or charges due. If you intend leaving before 10 am on the last day of your rental period, please notify the owner/caretaker at the beginning of your rental period in order to arrange an alternative time for the property inspection. If you choose not to be present at the inspection you will not be entitled to query the Extras Bill and we will automatically debit your security card for any outstanding amount indicated plus the £20.00 administration fee.

Properties will be assigned clean and in good order and should be left upon departure in the same condition. Please note that especially during a dry summer, dust collects quickly in old country houses. While guests are not expected to scrub floors, a general sweep and tidy-up is expected. Many owners will arrange for a cleaner if you ask. If the property has not been left in an acceptable state, the owner/caretaker at his/her discretion may add up to €20,00 per person to be added to the Extras Bill for the extra cleaning and tidying required beyond that normally expected between a change of guests. The Party Leader is responsible for the civilised behaviour of his party. Should the party behave in a manner that is not acceptable the owner/caretaker has the right to ask you to vacate the premises.

Substantial amendments to bookings, such as a change of dates or properties, or cancellations must be conveyed in writing and are subject to owner approval (for change of dates or property). Notices of cancellation or substantial amendments received within ten weeks (70 days) or less of the first day of the rental period are subject to a penalty of 100% of the Invoice Price. a. Notices of cancellation received ten weeks (70 days) or more prior to the first day of the rental period, for bookings in the current year or for bookings in the following year made after December 15th, are subject to a penalty of 30% of the Invoice Price. b. Bookings for the following year made and cancelled prior to December 15th are subject to a penalty of 10% of the Invoice Price, provided the notice of cancellation is received at least ten weeks (70 days) before the first day of the rental period. c. Bookings may, upon owner approval, sometimes be deferred to the following year.

If, after your booking has been confirmed, you wish to transfer it to another person, we will make every effort to accommodate you but cannot guarantee that such transfer will be possible. In order that we may try and accommodate a change, you must advise us as soon as possible in writing of your intention to transfer. If such a change is made, an amendment fee of £20 will be payable, which is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Should you wish to change the date of your booking, then we will endeavour to arrange this but should it not be possible and you wish to cancel your holiday then the cancellation charges in paragraph 17 will be applicable. We must be advised of any proposed amendments as soon as possible in order to see whether they can be accommodated. If you move independently to other accommodation or alter the duration of your stay without informing the property owner/caretaker or us of the situation or allowing reasonable time for rectification, then no refunds will be made except at the discretion of the property owner.

We highly recommend that you take out Travel Insurance. For non-European citizens we highly recommend that you obtain coverage for medical and personal liability, as well as loss of luggage, monies and repatriation.

Most private swimming pools are not heated and most are open from early June until mid September, depending upon the weather and the owner’s discretion. Some public pools are open only for June, July and August. Most swimming pools in Italy are not fenced, and many gardens are built upon old Olive groves or up steep hills - use of these Swimming Pools and Gardens is strictly at the clients’ own risk and children must be supervised at all times.

In the event of breakdown of mechanical equipment such as pumps, boilers, swimming pool equipment etc., please contact the property owner and inform him of the problem. Should the property owner or caretaker be unable to be contacted, then you should contact the ITT representative or, as a last resort, the ITT office to inform us of the problem. We shall try to get the fault corrected as soon as possible, but you are asked to bear in mind that it may take some time particularly if it occurs on a Sunday or public holiday. Whilst we will endeavour to assist if the property owner is not available, Invitation To Tuscany cannot be held responsible for such breakdowns as it acts only as agent for the property owner. You should be aware that in Italy, occasional problems in relation to public utilities such as electricity and water can be experienced.

The property owner can accept no liability whatsoever in respect of any alteration, delay or cancellation or any other loss or damage of any kind caused by wars, revolutions, terrorist activities, riots, civil commotions, strikes, lockouts, industrial disputes, natural disaster, fire, floods, storms, failure of public utilities, mechanical breakdown, acts of any Government or Public Authority, changes imposed by rescheduling or cancellation of ferries, railways, airlines which are beyond its control or any other circumstances or events amounting to ‘Force Majeure’ and/or acts of God.

The property owners ensure that their property is in a reasonable condition at the beginning of the season and that they will take all reasonable care to maintain them in such condition throughout the season. If there are any problems, it is the client’s responsibility to notify the owner/caretaker of the property promptly so that he/she can take the action required. If the problem is not or cannot be resolved satisfactorily within a reasonable time, the client should contact Invitation To Tuscany and ensure that they can be reached while the problem is being handled. The owners must have an opportunity to put right any issues as soon as they arise. Should the owner not be available, please contact our representatives and they will endeavour to contact the owner. Vacating the property without speaking directly to the property owner or an Invitation To Tuscany staff member will void the client’s right to claim compensation or refund for costs or rental charges. Invitation To Tuscany will not offer a remedy for any issue, problem or complaint raised after the rental period and cannot be held liable for any dissatisfaction with the holiday unless any such liability is in accordance with paragraph 25.

The Party Leader is liable for any damages caused to the property, its contents or the grounds by any member of his party. Guests are asked to tell the owner, custodian, or our representatives, about any damage or breakdown as soon as it occurs, so that replacements or repairs can be effected as soon as possible It is your responsibility to leave the property rented with all its furniture and effects clean and in good condition, and you must undertake to inform the property owner/caretaker of any damage to accommodation or its contents. You may be required to pay for any damage or missing items or for any extra cleaning made necessary by the property being left in a dirty condition. These are private homes. Please respect the trust that the property owners have afforded to you: look after the property while you are there as you would your own home, and please do not remove books or any other private items. Any damage or breakages should be paid to the owner or caretaker directly. If they are to be calculated later or were discovered subsequently, they will be deducted from your credit card and a £20 administration charge levied. Some owners prefer to handle the cautionary deposit themselves and in this case you should hand a cheque or cash to the owner on arrival. Your agent will advise you if this applies to your chosen property. We also require your credit card details and authorization so that in the event that the cautionary deposit does not cover the cost of any breakages or damage, the cost may be paid by credit card.

No pets are allowed without the express permission of the owner of the property concerned. There may be a charge for pets and this should be paid directly to the owner of the property concerned with the Extras Bill.

Almost all our properties are in quiet, peaceful country situations. However, in the country you are likely to hear birds, nightingales, owls, dogs, sheep bells, poultry, insects, frogs, tractors etc. all making sounds which are different from those in the city and which may disturb unaccustomed ears. We suggest that you take earplugs if you feel that these country sounds may disturb your sleep. Villages regularly hold festivals during the summer, which can be very noisy until late at night. The best way to support this is to join in and enjoy the feasts. ITT accepts no liability for noise or disturbance experienced whilst at the property.

Many of our properties are reached by dirt tracks or via bumpy roads. If you intend driving a low slung or sports car to the rental property, please ask about the access roads to your chosen property.

We do not arrange air travel, ferry travel or rail travel. We can assist you in respect of car hire and act as the booking agent for the car rental broker that supply the vehicle(s) you rent, and as such, bookings for these services will form a direct contract between you and the car rental broker, and will be subject to the car rental broker’s terms and conditions. Should we make any arrangements on your behalf with third parties for services, we will do so on the basis that it is as an agent to the contract and any contract is between you and the supplier. As such, we will have no liability to you unless it refers to personal injury or death that is caused by our negligence.

Given that ITT acts only as agents for the property owners, we can accept no liability whatsoever for any death, personal injury, loss or damage of any kind, unless caused by our own negligence. Insofar as we have any liability to you, then proceedings in respect of any such liability shall be governed by English law and the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Service of any such proceedings as referred to in the paragraph above should be sent to Invitation to Tuscany Ltd. Unit5, 30 Friern Park, London N12 9DA

Invitation to Tuscany acts as the booking agent for the named owners of the properties featured in the brochure and on this website and as such your rental contract is with the relevant property owner. The contract between you and the property owner comes into existence when the confirmation invoice is dispatched by ITT and is subject to these booking conditions. The signing of the booking form implies acceptance of the property owner’s booking conditions for the property.

All content available through is provided by Invitation to Tuscany Limited. The contents of are copyright © Invitation to Tuscany Limited. All rights reserved. The contents of cannot be reproduced, modified, transferred, distributed, republished, downloaded, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means including but not limited to electronic, recording or mechanical photocopying without the prior written permission of Invitation to Tuscany Limited. You agree that the material and content contained within or provided by is for your own personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed commercially.

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