Villas around Siena

Villas around Siena

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Siena is architecturally and artistically one of Italy’s richest cities. Its planning is particularly enchanting; ancient red-brick walls enclose narrow streets which climb up and down the hills and curve unexpectedly into lively piazzas. The special harmony of architecture and colour, the character of the people, placed in such wonderful countryside, make Siena many peoples’ favourite city.

About Siena

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History of Siena

Siena started life as an Etruscan settlement, (c 900-400 BCE) inhabited by a tribe called the Saina. Later, during the reign of the Emperor Augustus (63 BCE to 14 CE), like many towns in Tuscany Siena became a Roman Colony "Saena Julia".

The Siena that we see today started to come into being in the 8th century, when the city was conquered by Charlemagne. The new Frankish lords married into the existing Sienese nobility and founded Abbeys that still stand today, like the beautiful Abbey of Sant...

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