Villas in the Valdichiana

Villas in the Valdichiana

A wide fertile valley home to the white Chianina cattle

The valley of the Chiana river stretches wide, extending from the Tuscan provinces of Arezzo and Siena to the Umbrian provinces of Perugia and Terni and taking in over 22 municipalities. Historically, much of it was a vast and marshy floodplain and it is not surprising that most of its beautiful cities sit high on the bordering hills and have magnificent views of the valley floor.

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Guide to the Val di Chiana

The Valley
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The Valley

Quadriga Historic drainage and land reclamation over the centuries successfully turned the Val di Chiana's marshes into the wide fertile valley floor seen today where large farmhouses testify to thriving agricultural enterprises. Not surprisingly, the valley offers excellent grazing to the white cattle that bear its name – the Chianina, famed for its thick ‘Fiorentina’ steaks.

But there is more to the Val di Chiana than its flatlands; the gently rolling clay hills towards Siena, known as the Crete, are laced with white ‘biancane’ domes or jagged ‘calanchi’ gullies that add drama to the landscape and ma...

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