Villas near Volterra

Villas near Volterra

Where is Volterra, what to see and where to stay

Where is Volterra?

Volterra is an historic city in Tuscany close to Pisa, Florence and Siena. Once an Etruscan stronghold it is a beautiful city and a worth-while tourist destination, with plenty to see and do. It has many Etruscan remains and tombs, a Roman theatre and beautiful medieval buildings, like the Cathedral and Baptistery. It is off the main tourist-trails and surrounded by beautiful hills covered in forests, an experience of real Tuscany.

Map of Volterra

What to see in Volterra
History of Volterra
Getting to Volterra
Where to stay around Volterra

What to see in Volterra

The Roman Theatre

This is well worth a visit, a Roman theatre set into the natural slope of the land and remarkably complete. When it was excavated in the 1950s the archaeologists found tufa seats carved with the names of the main families of the area, like the Caecinae, the Persii and the Laelii. The theatre was financed by the richest of these three families, the Caecinae, as testified by the dedication stone found in the theatre and now shown in the city's Museo Guarnacci.

Theatre in Volterra

Museo Guarnacci

Ombra della SeraIn the late 18th century the canon of the city's Cathedral excavated a particularly impressive...

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