Vegan Beetroot in Volterra
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Vegan Restaurants in Tuscany

The farmers and winemakers of Tuscany have long been at the forefront of organic farming. More recently there has been a rise in Vegetarian and Vegan places to eat.  These places often feature produce sourced from local organic farms, making them very green. They can also now offer some of the new Vegan wines that Tuscan producers have been making. So here is our growing list of the Vegan restaurants. Some are 100% vegan, others are mixed, with Vegan options,  making them good for groups where not everybody is purely Vegan.

Life Bistrot

Via Porta all'Arco n.11/19; 56048 Volterra

Life Bistrot. Interesting, you pay for your food by weight - serve yourself from the buffet and have it weighed..


L'orto e un quarto

Strada di Montalbuccio, 118, Siena, Province of Siena, Italy

L'orto e un Quarto. Not purely Vegan so a good place for mized groups ... 


Biosteria Sbarbacipolla

Piazza Bartolomeo Scala, Colle di Val d'Elsa, Province of Siena, Italy

Biosteria Sbarbacipolla, Piazza Bartolomeo Scala, Colle val d'Elsa. This looks fantastic - not tested yet!


Biovita Ristorante

Strada Massetana Romana, 54, Siena, Province of Siena, Italy

A simple restaurant on the outskirts of Siena. I have eaten here, very good!


La dispensa di Amelia

Via Isonzo, 42, Arezzo, Province of Arezzo, Italy

A charming Vegan restaurant in Arezzo. No website. Tel. +39 0575 082412


Ristorante Vegano Giuly

Viale Guglielmo Marconi, 400, Torre del Lago Puccini, Province of Lucca, Italy

Open from April to September this well-respected Vegan restaurant is housed in a small hotel near the Tuscan coast.