Small Tuscan Villas for 2 to 4

Small Tuscan Villas for 2 to 4

Small private Villas with their own pool

Small Villas in Tuscanycan be tricky to find. 

Small properties with a private pool are even more sought after!

With that in mind we've compiled a handy list of small villas with private pools.

We also have a list of perfect honeymoon cottages here - or a list of Villas for four.

Small Tuscan Villas with Private Pool

Some are in villages as staying in a town or village can be a wonderful way to really get to know the local culture - even better if there is a seasonal festival going on! Other properties are part of an old farming estate, or have been carefully carved out of an ex-monastery. These can be good for families with children as the kids will quickly make friends. Then of course there are the romantic cottages, with beautiful views and hot-tubs, or private pools. As always, we visit each and every one of these places. So please feel free to contact us to ask for advice - not just on the house but also on travel, things to do, or the best time to travel. We're always happy to hear from you!

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